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What You Need to Know Before Hiring London Escorts

As escort services in London become popular, most people confuse escorts and prostitutes. Although both offer intimate services, escorts provide highly detailed, professional and highly rated services. In London, escort services are advertised on websites, telemarketing platforms and email campaigns. This makes it easy for potential clients to access escort services and get an overview of the services available. If you need escort services in London, Knightsbridge, Bays Water, Chelsea and Kensington are some of the areas you can hire beautiful blondes at an affordable price.

Elements that makeup London escort industry

Terms and conditions

When hiring an escort via an agency, you need to abide by the terms and conditions. Each agency has its terms and conditions, and it is upon every client to familiarize with the policies. For instance, if the agreed meeting place was in a hotel, social hall for an event, your house or restaurant, you should not change the venue whatsoever. In some cases, you might be asked to present a photograph for the escort to identify you.

Sometimes, escorts prefer meeting their client beforehand to go through the details of the event, get to know each other and acquaint. Prior meetings are useful because either party can accept or decline depending on the encounter. Remember to stick to the agreed terms and conditions on the actual date to avoid hiccups. Also, if you want changes, communicate early in advance to give the escort a chance to decline/agree to the changes.


London escorts are hired on an hourly basis depending on their rate or agreement. Payments are either made immediately after meeting (before offering the services) or after the agreed time has ended. If you hired an escort through an agency, you could have variable methods of payments although most escorts prefer cash. Escort services costs range from £90 with the total cost depending on several factors such as services offered, the escort hired, location and agency. Remember, you will incur extra charges for additional services provided.

Types of services

London escort services range from giving each other company to physical intimacy. Therefore, it is essential to state the type of services you are interested in when hiring an escort. Nowadays you can hire an escort to accompany you to a social function, business function, date, meetings or other social events. Some people hire escorts to accompany them when riding a bike, swimming, road tripping or while in the gym. We all have our fantasies and preferences. Therefore, while one client is interested in having sex, the other is dying to enjoy an escort’s company.

If you need body massage and you do not want to go to a massage parlour, hiring an escort is a good move. In this case, you can specify whether you want an amateur or expert masseuse depending on your preference. Sometimes, enjoying each other’s company is essential and therapeutic.

Finally, it is not easy to find escort agencies advertising sexual pleasures on their marketing campaigns or websites. Hence, consider calling or chatting with support after thoroughly researching an agency.

Top Classic Erotic Novels

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita is famous and at the same a very controversial novel about the life of a character named Humbert Humbert. This novel is known for its wordplay and language, Nobokov is critically acclaimed for his ability to bring certain tense scenes to a fluid moment through his style and his command over vocabulary. This novel explores the realms of obsessive love and hebephilia. The novel revolves around Humbert’s obsession with his stepdaughter Dolores Haze and shows how e pursues her and the psychology behind his philia. This novel has been adapted into a movie two times, and the famous director Stanley Kubrick did the first one under the same name.

Outlander by Diana Galbaldon

This is a novel by Diana Galbaldon, which contains themes revolving around love, lust and adventures. The novel also has a lot of historical references, which is fictionalized to cater to the plot of the novel. The reason this novel achieved its cult and classic status is due to the fact it bound together themes such as Scottish culture, time-travel and historical fiction. The total number of volumes in this novel is eight, and its readers highly enjoy it. This novel is known for its literature and has won the award for Best Romance in 1991 by Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award.

Forever by Judy Blume

This novel was written in 1975 and was prone to a lot of controversies due to its content; it has also been banned from school libraries. This novel focuses on the theme of teenage sexuality and virginity. The amount of anticipation which goes onto losing your virginity then, realising that it was blown out of proportions from reality, Blume plays along with this inner feeling and crafts a novel around it. Due to the year, it was released and the theme of the book, it fell into a lot of controversies and scandals. It frequently appears at number 7 in the 100 Most Frequently Challenging Books of 1990-2000 by the American Library Association. This novel also has been adapted into a theatre perf0ormance and a TV series.

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

This novel is based in the Australian Outbacks and is known for its gripping plot. The novel has been adapted into a TV miniseries in the 1980’s and was extremely popular. The story revolves around the dreams, struggles, unnatural passions and forbidden love in the interiors of Australia. If we compare it now, it has a strong resemblance to a soap opera style narrative and is flamboyant in its literature. The emotions are at its peak, and each chapter has something thrilling or surprising, this type of storytelling gripped its readers and had proven to be the right concoction for success.

Top Kama Sutra Positions for Men

The Indian Kayinilpu

This position is for when you are tired with your bedroom and explore in other spaces in the house such as your living room, kitchen and so on. She should be on her hands and knees, and then you slowly pick her up by the waist and align it with yours. Once she is in place, she can wrap her legs around your arms, so that she is stabilized and make sure that your grip on the floor is good. You can then slowly thrust her from the back, make sure it is slow, to prevent any mishaps.

The G-Force

To get ready for this position she should lie on her back in a well-rested and relaxed manner. You should kneel down next to her buttocks and hold her ankles, and start bringing her ankles up to your chest level, up to a point where you can penetrate her, this should be done in constant synchronization. To keep this steady, make sure your grip on the floor is right and that she is holding onto your thighs.

The Grip

Among the positions in the Kama Sutra, this is one of the most comfortable positions. She should lie on the bed with relaxation and comfort. The muscles should not be tensed and should be loose. She should lift her hip into the air and position your body in such a way that she can wrap her legs around you, and then she should rest feet on your butt. If she is having problems lifting up her body or she is too lazy to, she can adjust her body by keeping a pillow under her. You can also adjust your body by lowering it and arching down your hips.

The Bandoleer

You should brace your back while she lay down and crouched towards you. By this time, you should kneel down and get hold of her leg and slowly penetrate her from the back, get a hold of her legs by then. By this time, she can rest her legs on your chest and hold your hands.

The V

The easiest of ways to prepare for this position by adjusting to a table which is up to the height of her pelvis, this creates an optimal position for her. Once she is appropriately positioned, you can then let her wrap her hands around your neck and her legs around your hands while you hold her butt. You can pick her up like this and keep her by the weight and thrust her. Another alternative for this method is to make her support the weight on the table.

Top Nude Beaches Around the World

Wreck Beach, Canada

Wreck Beach is located in Pacific Spirit Regional Park on the western end of Vancouver in Canada. It is considered to be North America’s largest nude beach and is also the first beach in Canada which passed a rulemaking clothing optional. The beach is in a slightly secluded area and has thick vegetation nearby, the beach contains a few people at all times, except for vacations and the weekend. There are also various trails which lead to this beach. The most popular activity is “dips” where people jump into the sea for a brief time to cool off, although the authorities don’t recommend this activity when the water is cold, as the chances of getting coliform bacteria infection is high.

Praia Do Pinho, Brazil

Praia Do Pinho which is located in the city of Balneário Camboriú is one of Brazil’s first naturist beaches which is a haven for people who have an affinity towards nudity. It is also a holiday hotspot for nudists and naturalists alike. The beach is very sunny and tropical beach, just like most of the beaches in the Brazil coastline. Nudity is compulsory in this beach, and there is only female and couple entry, bachelors, are not allowed in to prevent any harassment rows. The people who come there are known for their philosophy of life.

Hedonism II, Jamaica

Hedonism II is located on a peninsula in the 7 mile stretch of Negril’s beach overlooking the Booby Cay.  This particular part of the beach is a private resort property which caters to the needs of nudists and naturalists. This place as its name suggests is an all pass, and sex, drugs, and alcohol are all prohibited and viewed positively. This beach has white sandy shores which makes it favorite among the Caribbean cruisers. This place is also considered to be an adult playground, and there are tourist packages which range from ‘mild’ to ‘wild’.

Little Beach, Hawaii

This beach is located in Maui, Hawaii. It is considered to be Hawaii’s unofficial nude beach, it is termed as such due to the fact that nude sunbathing is illegal in Hawaii, but this isn’t enforced onto to the people, resulting in lax laws regarding nudity in the beach. On Sunday afternoon or evenings, they have a traditional drumming and fire dancing. This is a trendy choice among American naturalists and nudists, peaking in during the summer season.

Samurai Beach, Australia

Samurai Beach lies two hours away from Sydney and lies close to Tomaree National Park. Clothing optional and nudity is not enforced. It is known for its sunny beach and the privacy it provides. It is also famous for its games and relaxed beach vibes. The beach is in proximity to the forest and has a game shed. The beach is also a famous fishing spot.


Top Playboy Playmates of All Time

Elizabeth Taylor

She is best known as one of the leading actresses in Hollywood. She was first pictured in a Playboy magazine pictorial in the year 1963. At the time, everyone was awestruck by her beauty and playboy had capitalised her fame. The same year she became famous for her role in Cleopatra. She earned almost 1 Million dollars which made her the top-paid movie star up to that point. Taylor is known for her appearance in the magazine at the right time because of her height of success.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn had created enough buzz amongst her admirers and was known to be a sex symbol in the fifties. Her beauty and charisma were carried through the big screen as well as on the pages of the Playboy magazines. Her skirt blowing over the subway grates is not what made her famous, it was all Marilyn who real men dreamed of.

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine was a model, actress, and a philanthropist. Born in France, she was a star back in the 60’s and had become a household name in North America by the 70’s. Her first Playboy feature was in the year 1963 at the age of 20. From there on she became very popular and appeared in several magazines.

Pamela Anderson

A standout amongst the best -known Playmates of the most recent decade and protector of textured companions, Pamela Anderson is known for her changing chest size as much as her relational unions and connections to rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. After her appearance as the brunette in the year February 1990 Playmate, Pamela dyed her hair, enlarged her chest and afterward propelled her profession with floatation gadgets in Babewatch, er, “Baywatch.” Since then she has shown up on “Playboy” covers 12 times, more than any other person, and additionally showing up in various network shows and films as the “Stacked” ditzy blonde.

Ursula Andress


Known as Bond young lady Honey Rider, Ursula Andress was one of the most significant sex images of the sixties. In 1965 she initially showed up in Playboy and commenced a custom that many Bond young ladies would take after. Obviously, few could top Andress and her in terms of being the Bond young lady. But nobody has given an exact reason as to why. At the point when Andress was asked as to why she showed up in Playboy, she simply answered by saying that, “Because I am beautiful”.

Sharon Stone

Sharon was considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry. What many may not understand is that her enormous break was in a motion picture two years sooner, in 1990 when she showed up in Total Recall. Many went to see the film since Stone had likewise coordinated her first appearance in Playboy only before the arrival of the film. Stone would proceed to show up again in Playboy in 1992, by then she was an immense star; it wasn’t such a significant amount about advertising as it was only for kicks.

Top Victoria Secret Angels of All Time

Karolina Kurkova

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Karolina started her Victoria Secret career when she was asked to star in the companies’ fashion show webstream at the young age of 16. Few years after her rise to stardom, she was crowned as a Victoria Secret Angel in the year 2005. In total, she had appeared in nine Victoria secret shows between the years 2000-2010. Karolina has been on the front page of various magazines such as the Elle, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Esquire and a few others. She had also won The Model of the Year in 2002 under the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. She likewise has filled in as a performing artist in motion pictures, for example, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and TV arrangement, Chuck, 30 Rock and Person of Interest.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi is the ever so iconic and the very first supermodel in the world, and she first appeared on the Victoria Secret ramp in the year 1996. Ever since she has been the leading face of British fashion and is still one of the most iconic divas in the industry. She was also the first black model to be on the cover of the Vogue US in the year 1989. However, her fame was interrupted when Tyra Banks was introduced to the Victoria Secret Family in the year 1997. It took them almost fourteen years to be settled with each other.

Adriana Lima

The Brazilian model and actress was introduced during her first Victoria Secret runway in the year 1999, at the age of 18. Ever since her first runway, she has been a Victoria Secret Angel. She is not only a model but an actress too. She has appeared in shows like How I Met Your Mother and Ugly Betty. Since 2013, Adriana has been the highest paid actresses according to Forbes, earning at least 8 million dollars a year. Victoria Secret has named her as a Valuable Angel’ who is still working for the company.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum was the first ever German model to walk the ramps of the Victoria Secret fashion show in the year 1999. Throughout the course of her career, she has been chosen three times to wear the annual fantasy bra, including the Millennium Bra in the year 1999. Currently, she has focused her attention on hosting shows which include America’s Got Talent, since 2013 and Project Runway since 2014.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid is one of the youngest Victoria Secret Angel and was introduced in the year 2015. Ever since, she has launched her range of jeans, worked for a number of high-end couture which includes, Balmain, Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi, and Marc Jacobs. She has also starred in various music videos and has become a socialite thanks to her other set of famous friends and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik.

Things That Women Want from Men

Women can be pretty hard to understand. One minute they need something and the other minute they want something else. Men often get confused where to start, afraid that they might make a wrong move, and it will all go downhill. For all the men out there, he is a short guide on what women really want from men.


Criticism and mockery have their place, yet no one wants to be with someone who is snide and negative constantly. It can get quite frustrating. But, being within sight of someone with an optimistic point of view can be quite refreshing. An idealistic individual influence other to rest easy and feel good; his good faith can be motivating and inspiring at the same time too.

Taking responsibility

A partner who takes responsibility for his actions and behavior could result in a long-term healthy relationship for which a high level of maturity is required. Without it, couples tend to argue which worsens over time and eventually start blaming each other for everything that is going wrong with their relationship. Communication comes up short, and they tend to emotionally hurt each other that cannot be easily undone.

Sense of Humor

This is one thing all women look for in a man. Nobody wants a dull, grumpy man and whether you like it or not, it is a fact. This does not necessarily mean you have to be the absolute life of the party. A good sense of humour goes is known to go a long way. It is said that when a man has a good sense of humour, he tends to be calmer and more laid back if something goes wrong. Anyone and everyone always love a man with a good sense of humour. They can see the humour in almost anything and can appreciate a joke, and anyone loves a guy who laughs at their jokes.


Another thing that has been seen consistently in women’s choices in men is because their confidence stands out. Women like men who are more confident and does not shy away from opportunities. Confidence is the king. Confidence is built from the traits mentioned above. The more he owns up to these traits, the more he believes stronger in himself- women find this very appealing. Men that are not confident in themselves are usually invisible to women when another man is blooming with confidence.


Faithfulness is one of those traits that create a lasting impression. Every woman needs and wants a man who they can trust and who is faithful to them, it’s no secret. Women have their fear of her man leaving them and going for someone better. Fear is naturally inbuilt in a woman, and they cannot do anything about it. It is a fact that women feel more comfortable and love it if a man lets her know that he will be there always. A man that gives his word and commitment will never leave his woman. A man who keeps promises is another crucial factor for a woman. So make sure you do not go out breaking promises.

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