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"A great solo is a priceless moment in time - put it in a great composition
and it becomes a timeless work of art" - Jazz Rock World

"Good fusion makes us smile,
bad fusion makes us laugh" - Jazz Rock World

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Jazz Rock World highly recommends these special Jazz Rock Cd's
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Alan Pasqua
The Anti-Social Club
Alan Pasqua's "Anti Social Club

Metro Express
Metro Express

Gerald Gradwohl
ABQ [w/Bog Berg]
Gerald Gradwohl's ABQ w/Bog Berg

Adam Holzman
Jazz Rocket Science
Adam Holzman's "Jazz Rocket Science"

Jeff Richman
Jeff Richman's "Chatterbox"

Susan Weinter Band
Triple Talk Live
Susan Weinert's "Triple Talk Live"

Scott Kinsey
Scott Kinsey's "Kinesthetics"

Cique - featuring
John Abercrombie
Jeff Jenkins "Cique" featuring John Abercrombie

Kevin Eubanks Group
Kevin Eubanks "Live"

The Hermanators
The Hermanators "Twisted"

Steve Kahn
The Suitcase
Steve Khan "The Suitcase - 1994 live recording"

Gerald Gradwohl
Tritone Barrier
Gerald Gradwohl's "Tritone Barrier"

Daryll Dobson
The Mind Electric
Daryll Dobson - The Mind Electric

Garaj Mahal
Blueberry Cave
Garaj Mahal - Blueberry Cave

Terry Haggerty
First Take
Terry Haggerty - First Take with Gary Novak, Dave Carpenter, Scott Kinsey and more

Jeff Richman
Jeff Richman - Aqua

Joe Locke/Geoffry Keezer
Live in Seattle
Joe Locke and Geoffrey Keezer - Live in Seattle

Machacek, Sipe, Garrision
Improvision - Alex Machacek, Jeff Sipe, Mathew Garrison

Some newer Cd's we like

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3rd World Electric
Kilimanjaro Secret Brew
Art 'Spike' Schloemer
Bill Evans
Human Element
Human Element
Jeff Richman
Like That
Jeff Richman
The Line Up
Nguyen Le
Robben Ford
Soul on Ten
CPT Kirk
Starship Cadillac
Steve Weingart & Renee Jones
Tribal Tech

Hey, Don't Miss This...

If you haven't heard of Mateus Starling
Be sure to check out his amazing debut Cd
The new "Kairos" Cd from guitarist Mateus Starling

Click here to purchase the Cd

Be sure to check out Mateus Starling's MySpace and official web site.


I love this Cd.

From the first few notes, my ears were greeted by great compositions, genuinely intuitive group improvisation, and some highly skilled risk taking by all the band members. Throughout the recording, I couldn't escape the feeling that this music might have been made during the Golden Age of Jazz Rock Fusion.

Even though Mateus is a recent graduate of The Berklee College [Summa Cum Laude and majored in performance] the entire bands use of space and dynamics make them sound like long time pros with a very distinct style all their own. In fact, the choice to make the Cd with all musicians in the studio at the same time create some of the best listening and reacting I've heard in a long time.

Mateus himself plays well-chosen notes with tremendous feeling. He shows no fear of getting out there when he is improvising, and no ego to limit his ability to demonstrate his delicate touch when the music calls for it. In fact, everyone in the band completely sacrifices individual playing for the sake of the music in the moment. I especially like the fact that Mateus also knows when NOT to play. That is a truly unique gift in this age of the dominating 'guitar shredder' that has sadly become the signature sound of modern fusion.

It's hard to believe that this is the bands first recording and I'm eagerly awaiting more from Mateus and mates.

Rick Calic - Jazz Rock World

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