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"A great solo is a priceless moment in time - put it in a great composition
and it becomes a timeless work of art" - Jazz Rock World

"Good fusion makes us smile,
bad fusion makes us laugh" - Jazz Rock World

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Check out the newly remasterd
Yuval Ron and Residents of The Future

Recorded in 2009 & Remastered in 2012

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Check out the new Shrunken Head Shop Cd

Shrunken Head Shop

The album comes from recordings of German tour dates in 2012
of guitarist Willie Oteri (WD-41, Spiral Out, Dino J.A. Deane,
Scott Amendola, Tony Levin, Mike Keneally, etc).

Shrunken Head Shop - Live in Germany is an adventurous recording
of total Improvisation with the guitar work of
Oteri and the unique trumpet sounds of Dave Laczko of WD-41
together with great German and Italian musicians including
Sylvia Oelkrug - violin, Schroeder - drums, Jan Fitschen - bass and stick,
Alex Arcuri - bass and Konrad Wiemann - percussion.

Preview and purchase the Cd here:

"Great improvisational jazz!
A little on the 'outside' yet accessible.
If someone wanted to hear a modern version of
Herbie Hancock's Mwandishi Band
- this would do the job very nicely" - Jazz Rock World

Fusion master guitarist John Scofield's
new CD is now available

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Gerald Gradwohl's new Cd is now available

Please visit his web site for the latest info at
He has also posted a link to preview a few of his new tracks, be sure to check them out!

Available now at Gerald's web site
Also at Abstract Logix and CDbaby

Two of our favorite Cd's by Gerald are available
for purchase now - directly from his web site at
Sally Beth Roe
Threeo - Live!

You can also visit Abstract Logix to listen and purchase
additional recordings by Gerald.

"Gerald Gradwohl is one of the best guitarists in the world today.
He is on a very short list of musicians that can put FEELING into every note he plays.
If you want to know what jazz rock fusion is supposed to sound like
then listen to Gerald Gradwohl" - Jazz Rock World

New Release from Rob Hart Trio
Not exactly fusion - just some great jazz with Latin flavor!
With special guests:
Kai Eckhardt, Stu Hamm, Fareed Haque, Karl Perazzo

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Now Available: Adam Holzman "Parallel Universe" - Solo Electronic Explorations
Adam Holzman Parallel Universe
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Excellent stuff - very trippy too. If you like Tangerine Dream, you'll like this.
It's a combination of meditative and groove - the best of both!!!
Adam really knows how to get the best sounds out of his synths!

Visit Adam's web site for purchasing and more info...

2013 Release and one of Jazz Rock World's favorite new Cd's
The Ken Talve Trio "Out of The Blue"
Featuring all original instrumental music by Ken Talve

Ken Talve Trio

Ken Talve [Guitar] Chris Elsener Jr. [Bass] Anthony Cerabino [Drums]

This 2 CD Album features a power trio format. The compositions feature a mixture of Jazz, Rock, and Blues. All the tunes are original instrumental compositions. This is Ken's second album of all original material. This album is musically a departure from his first album. The music on this album is more agressive with strong elements of Jazz and Rock. Harmonically rich with catchy melodies, this is a must listen for guitarists and all music lovers of instrumental music. - ABSTRACT LOGIX

Listen to samples and purchase the Cd at:

Abstract Logix:

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Or Visit Ken's Website at

"Too difficult to categorize yet sounds like Bill Connors, Robben Ford, and Jeff Richman with a tone like Stevie Ray Vaughn" - Jazz Rock World

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Get ready for The Dave Haskell Group
Scheduled for release March 26th. 2013
Produced by Jimmy Haslip with special guests:
Robben Ford and Russell Ferrante

I wouldn't call this fusion, but don't let that stop you.
It's great jazzy music with style, taste, and class – Jazz Rock World

Click on the picture-link to go to Dave's web site for more info…

Jane Getter's New Cd "three" is now available
Jane Getter "three" is now available
Click on image to vist Jane's web site
for options to download or purchase the Cd.

Beautifully conceived recording,
great compositions, and fantastic soloing by
Jane Getter, Adam Holzman, James Genus, and Anton Fig.
This Progressive Jazz-Rock album grows on you.
It gets better every time you hear it! – Jazz Rock World

The New Dean Brown CD "Unfinished Business" is Available Now

Check it out and order your copy today from these fine retail outlets:

Great New Cd by The Avengers

The Avengers are Adam Holzman, Lincoln Goines, Kim Plainfield, and Beledo. Music scholars and composers each in their own right, the band members carry a rich musical legacy, having also collaborated with and/or having played alongside an array of fusion pioneers. Drawn from deep jazz and rock roots, The Avengers proudly present On A Mission.

After a promising and exhilarating emergence around the early 70's, the years following have seen critical attention shift away from fusion in favor of traditional jazz, creating an unfortunate (and unnecessary) split into two camps, dissuading many artists from broadening this most eclectic musical form. Gladly, this is not so for the Avengers. Keepers of the flame, they are alchemists, combining elements of the richest historical sound-time, rock and jazz, which by their very mention invoke originality and progression.

Receiving high acclaim from their South American tour performances in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay, with this CD, The Avengers invite you to join their mission… honoring past innovators and giving expression to new ideas – an original voice transporting the genre onward, inspired by these awesome times!

On A Mission was recorded at Kaleidoscope Sound, Union City, NJ by Randy Crafton.

Another studio masterpiece has finnaly arrived...

Scott Henderson, Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey, and Kirk Covington have done it again.

Tribal Tech

~Jazz Rock World [2005 - present]

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