Things That Women Want from Men

Women can be pretty hard to understand. One minute they need something and the other minute they want something else. Men often get confused where to start, afraid that they might make a wrong move, and it will all go downhill. For all the men out there, he is a short guide on what women really want from men.


Criticism and mockery have their place, yet no one wants to be with someone who is snide and negative constantly. It can get quite frustrating. But, being within sight of someone with an optimistic point of view can be quite refreshing. An idealistic individual influence other to rest easy and feel good; his good faith can be motivating and inspiring at the same time too.

Taking responsibility

A partner who takes responsibility for his actions and behavior could result in a long-term healthy relationship for which a high level of maturity is required. Without it, couples tend to argue which worsens over time and eventually start blaming each other for everything that is going wrong with their relationship. Communication comes up short, and they tend to emotionally hurt each other that cannot be easily undone.

Sense of Humor

This is one thing all women look for in a man. Nobody wants a dull, grumpy man and whether you like it or not, it is a fact. This does not necessarily mean you have to be the absolute life of the party. A good sense of humour goes is known to go a long way. It is said that when a man has a good sense of humour, he tends to be calmer and more laid back if something goes wrong. Anyone and everyone always love a man with a good sense of humour. They can see the humour in almost anything and can appreciate a joke, and anyone loves a guy who laughs at their jokes.


Another thing that has been seen consistently in women’s choices in men is because their confidence stands out. Women like men who are more confident and does not shy away from opportunities. Confidence is the king. Confidence is built from the traits mentioned above. The more he owns up to these traits, the more he believes stronger in himself- women find this very appealing. Men that are not confident in themselves are usually invisible to women when another man is blooming with confidence.


Faithfulness is one of those traits that create a lasting impression. Every woman needs and wants a man who they can trust and who is faithful to them, it’s no secret. Women have their fear of her man leaving them and going for someone better. Fear is naturally inbuilt in a woman, and they cannot do anything about it. It is a fact that women feel more comfortable and love it if a man lets her know that he will be there always. A man that gives his word and commitment will never leave his woman. A man who keeps promises is another crucial factor for a woman. So make sure you do not go out breaking promises.

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