Top Classic Erotic Novels

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

Lolita is famous and at the same a very controversial novel about the life of a character named Humbert Humbert. This novel is known for its wordplay and language, Nobokov is critically acclaimed for his ability to bring certain tense scenes to a fluid moment through his style and his command over vocabulary. This novel explores the realms of obsessive love and hebephilia. The novel revolves around Humbert’s obsession with his stepdaughter Dolores Haze and shows how e pursues her and the psychology behind his philia. This novel has been adapted into a movie two times, and the famous director Stanley Kubrick did the first one under the same name.

Outlander by Diana Galbaldon

This is a novel by Diana Galbaldon, which contains themes revolving around love, lust and adventures. The novel also has a lot of historical references, which is fictionalized to cater to the plot of the novel. The reason this novel achieved its cult and classic status is due to the fact it bound together themes such as Scottish culture, time-travel and historical fiction. The total number of volumes in this novel is eight, and its readers highly enjoy it. This novel is known for its literature and has won the award for Best Romance in 1991 by Romance Writers of America’s RITA Award.

Forever by Judy Blume

This novel was written in 1975 and was prone to a lot of controversies due to its content; it has also been banned from school libraries. This novel focuses on the theme of teenage sexuality and virginity. The amount of anticipation which goes onto losing your virginity then, realising that it was blown out of proportions from reality, Blume plays along with this inner feeling and crafts a novel around it. Due to the year, it was released and the theme of the book, it fell into a lot of controversies and scandals. It frequently appears at number 7 in the 100 Most Frequently Challenging Books of 1990-2000 by the American Library Association. This novel also has been adapted into a theatre perf0ormance and a TV series.

The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough

This novel is based in the Australian Outbacks and is known for its gripping plot. The novel has been adapted into a TV miniseries in the 1980’s and was extremely popular. The story revolves around the dreams, struggles, unnatural passions and forbidden love in the interiors of Australia. If we compare it now, it has a strong resemblance to a soap opera style narrative and is flamboyant in its literature. The emotions are at its peak, and each chapter has something thrilling or surprising, this type of storytelling gripped its readers and had proven to be the right concoction for success.

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