Top Kama Sutra Positions for Men

The Indian Kayinilpu

This position is for when you are tired with your bedroom and explore in other spaces in the house such as your living room, kitchen and so on. She should be on her hands and knees, and then you slowly pick her up by the waist and align it with yours. Once she is in place, she can wrap her legs around your arms, so that she is stabilized and make sure that your grip on the floor is good. You can then slowly thrust her from the back, make sure it is slow, to prevent any mishaps.

The G-Force

To get ready for this position she should lie on her back in a well-rested and relaxed manner. You should kneel down next to her buttocks and hold her ankles, and start bringing her ankles up to your chest level, up to a point where you can penetrate her, this should be done in constant synchronization. To keep this steady, make sure your grip on the floor is right and that she is holding onto your thighs.

The Grip

Among the positions in the Kama Sutra, this is one of the most comfortable positions. She should lie on the bed with relaxation and comfort. The muscles should not be tensed and should be loose. She should lift her hip into the air and position your body in such a way that she can wrap her legs around you, and then she should rest feet on your butt. If she is having problems lifting up her body or she is too lazy to, she can adjust her body by keeping a pillow under her. You can also adjust your body by lowering it and arching down your hips.

The Bandoleer

You should brace your back while she lay down and crouched towards you. By this time, you should kneel down and get hold of her leg and slowly penetrate her from the back, get a hold of her legs by then. By this time, she can rest her legs on your chest and hold your hands.

The V

The easiest of ways to prepare for this position by adjusting to a table which is up to the height of her pelvis, this creates an optimal position for her. Once she is appropriately positioned, you can then let her wrap her hands around your neck and her legs around your hands while you hold her butt. You can pick her up like this and keep her by the weight and thrust her. Another alternative for this method is to make her support the weight on the table.

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