Top Nude Beaches Around the World

Wreck Beach, Canada

Wreck Beach is located in Pacific Spirit Regional Park on the western end of Vancouver in Canada. It is considered to be North America’s largest nude beach and is also the first beach in Canada which passed a rulemaking clothing optional. The beach is in a slightly secluded area and has thick vegetation nearby, the beach contains a few people at all times, except for vacations and the weekend. There are also various trails which lead to this beach. The most popular activity is “dips” where people jump into the sea for a brief time to cool off, although the authorities don’t recommend this activity when the water is cold, as the chances of getting coliform bacteria infection is high.

Praia Do Pinho, Brazil

Praia Do Pinho which is located in the city of Balneário Camboriú is one of Brazil’s first naturist beaches which is a haven for people who have an affinity towards nudity. It is also a holiday hotspot for nudists and naturalists alike. The beach is very sunny and tropical beach, just like most of the beaches in the Brazil coastline. Nudity is compulsory in this beach, and there is only female and couple entry, bachelors, are not allowed in to prevent any harassment rows. The people who come there are known for their philosophy of life.

Hedonism II, Jamaica

Hedonism II is located on a peninsula in the 7 mile stretch of Negril’s beach overlooking the Booby Cay.  This particular part of the beach is a private resort property which caters to the needs of nudists and naturalists. This place as its name suggests is an all pass, and sex, drugs, and alcohol are all prohibited and viewed positively. This beach has white sandy shores which makes it favorite among the Caribbean cruisers. This place is also considered to be an adult playground, and there are tourist packages which range from ‘mild’ to ‘wild’.

Little Beach, Hawaii

This beach is located in Maui, Hawaii. It is considered to be Hawaii’s unofficial nude beach, it is termed as such due to the fact that nude sunbathing is illegal in Hawaii, but this isn’t enforced onto to the people, resulting in lax laws regarding nudity in the beach. On Sunday afternoon or evenings, they have a traditional drumming and fire dancing. This is a trendy choice among American naturalists and nudists, peaking in during the summer season.

Samurai Beach, Australia

Samurai Beach lies two hours away from Sydney and lies close to Tomaree National Park. Clothing optional and nudity is not enforced. It is known for its sunny beach and the privacy it provides. It is also famous for its games and relaxed beach vibes. The beach is in proximity to the forest and has a game shed. The beach is also a famous fishing spot.


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