Top Playboy Playmates of All Time

Elizabeth Taylor

She is best known as one of the leading actresses in Hollywood. She was first pictured in a Playboy magazine pictorial in the year 1963. At the time, everyone was awestruck by her beauty and playboy had capitalised her fame. The same year she became famous for her role in Cleopatra. She earned almost 1 Million dollars which made her the top-paid movie star up to that point. Taylor is known for her appearance in the magazine at the right time because of her height of success.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn had created enough buzz amongst her admirers and was known to be a sex symbol in the fifties. Her beauty and charisma were carried through the big screen as well as on the pages of the Playboy magazines. Her skirt blowing over the subway grates is not what made her famous, it was all Marilyn who real men dreamed of.

Catherine Deneuve

Catherine was a model, actress, and a philanthropist. Born in France, she was a star back in the 60’s and had become a household name in North America by the 70’s. Her first Playboy feature was in the year 1963 at the age of 20. From there on she became very popular and appeared in several magazines.

Pamela Anderson

A standout amongst the best -known Playmates of the most recent decade and protector of textured companions, Pamela Anderson is known for her changing chest size as much as her relational unions and connections to rockers Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. After her appearance as the brunette in the year February 1990 Playmate, Pamela dyed her hair, enlarged her chest and afterward propelled her profession with floatation gadgets in Babewatch, er, “Baywatch.” Since then she has shown up on “Playboy” covers 12 times, more than any other person, and additionally showing up in various network shows and films as the “Stacked” ditzy blonde.

Ursula Andress

Known as Bond young lady Honey Rider, Ursula Andress was one of the most significant sex images of the sixties. In 1965 she initially showed up in Playboy and commenced a custom that many Bond young ladies would take after. Obviously, few could top Andress and her in terms of being the Bond young lady. But nobody has given an exact reason as to why. At the point when Andress was asked as to why she showed up in Playboy, she simply answered by saying that, “Because I am beautiful”.

Sharon Stone

Sharon was considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses in the industry. What many may not understand is that her enormous break was in a motion picture two years sooner, in 1990 when she showed up in Total Recall. Many went to see the film since Stone had likewise coordinated her first appearance in Playboy only before the arrival of the film. Stone would proceed to show up again in Playboy in 1992, by then she was an immense star; it wasn’t such a significant amount about advertising as it was only for kicks.

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